02 Apr

Zeegaree after a year in Ubuntu Software Center

Time flies, it’s little over a year since Zeegaree showed up in Ubuntu Software Center. Few weeks later also Zeegaree Lite joined it. During that year Zeegaree received 5 updates and the free Lite version only one. BTW: the next updates for both versions are on their way to USC.

What can I say after this year? Well, you can’t make money selling stuff in Ubuntu Software Center never mind how awesome it might be, unless you’re good at marketing or you happen to be promoted by USC itself or some popular Ubuntu related blogs and websites. There’s just not enough people interested in Pomodoro Technique who use Ubuntu and are willing to spend few dollars on an app.

Apart from being a “little” disappointed in sales number, I got great and helpful feedback from the users. And this is actually the main thing which keeps me still working on Zeegaree.

Here’s a couple images with some numbers.



Take care and enjoy your time!

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