1. Saving favourites in Timer does not work. How can I fix that?

Probably you don’t have libqt4-sql-sqlite package installed. You can install it from Ubuntu Software Centre or by running this command in your Terminal:
sudo apt-get install libqt4-sql-sqlite

2. I can’t add a task in Work & Play. What’s going on?

The same problem as with question 1 above. Some Ubuntu flavours do not have libqt4-sql-sqlite package installed by default. To be able to add tasks, you just need to install that package yourself.

3. No updates for a long time, why?

I depend on people who work on reviewing and putting applications in Ubuntu Software Centre. Unfortunately they are very busy with other things nowadays. In the future I’ll try to have alternative ways to download the program.

4. Will the program be available on Ubuntu phones?

I haven’t decided yet. It depends on my free time and motivation.

5. I have a problem with downloading/installing the program from Ubuntu Software Centre. What should I do?

Try clicking „Buy” or „Install” button again. It helps in some cases. If it doesn’t, contact Canonical, please.

6. I LOVE ZEEGAREE!!!11! How can I show my appreciation?

Thanks! Let others know about the program, share your thoughts on your blog, social media or even write a review in Ubuntu Software Centre.

7. Help! I have a problem which is not listed here!

Feel free to contact me via email, Google+ or Twitter.